WordPress is a content management system like few others. As an avid WordPress user and developer, I have found that it can be used to do just about anything with a website. One of the areas it has excelled recently is e-commerce. Through the WooCommerce plugin, WordPress is an open-source CMS that can accomplish even more, allowing your website to become a full-fledged shopping cart. Below, you will find 10 of the best WooCommerce extensions to power up your WordPress website.


About Code Canyon

CodeCanyon is a massive online marketplace for WordPress plugins and other coding projects. It’s a great place to find WooCommerce extensions at a much lower price than through the WooCommerce extensions page.


#1 – Table Rate Shipping

The Table Rate Shipping plugin allows you to create zones based on regional areas (country, state or postal codes). These zones can have shipping rates based on different elements of the product such as price, quantity, weight or dimensions. This allows you to accurately charge customers based on the actual shipping costs, rather than just estimates.


#2 – Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin

The Amazon Affiliates plugin is great for small e-commerce stores that would like to promote Amazon products via their affiliate program. Affiliates earn a commission “per sale” and this plugin makes it easy to import products and have a shopping cart directly on your website.


#3 – Extra Product Options

Getting the right information from your customers is extremely important. The Extra Product Optionsplugin allows you to create extra price fields that apply to a category of products or on a per product basis. The form builder makes it easy to create forms, with support for conditional logic. Conditional logic allows you to ask questions that are dependent on previous answers to other questions, making your product options fairly complex.


#4 – Dynamic Pricing

Want to offer your customers discounts for ordering in bulk, special offers, repeating offers and other types of discounts? The Dynamic Pricing plugin is great for creating unlimited pricing rules. Their powerful rule editor makes it easy to control which rules are applied and which products they apply to.


#5 – Advanced Bulk Edit

Edit your products on the fly, in bulk, with the Advanced Bulk Edit plugin. You can filter products by title, category or other attributes and then easily edit your products and variations in bulk. You can edit titles, prices, categories and fields in bulk, there are over 44 built-in fields that are searchable and editable.


#6 – PDF Invoice

For sending PDF invoices to customers or keeping record of your sales through PDF invoices, the PDF Invoice plugin is the most professional and feature rich solution. You can easily create and download PDF invoices and it comes complete with fully automatic invoices for your customers. Invoices are sent as an email attachment with every order confirmation.


#7 – Fancy Product Designer

The Fancy Product Designer allows you to create and sell any type of product. Imagine selling shoes, hats, stickers, mugs, cards, phone cases, t-shirts, business cards, bottles, calendars and much more. This product designer allows customers to customize and personalize their items! It supports mobiles and tablets, it has an advanced color system, intelligent pricing, multiple product views and many other features.


#8 – MailChimp Integration

Integrating WooCommerce with an email marketing system is essential to growing your list and generating leads. The MailChimp Integration plugin is the best solution for sending order data straight to MailChimp for inclusion in your email marketing list.


#9 – Subscriptio

WooCommerce does not support subscriptions out-of-the-box and their custom designed extension is very expensive. Subscriptio allows you to create subscription products with recurring payments on any billing cycle. It supports set-up fees, free trials and expiration times. It’s also built to support Paypal and Stripe, the two most popular payment gateways.


#10 – Customer Relationship Manager

Increasing sales is often about the ways you interact with your pre-existing customers. The Customer Relationship Manager allows you to log calls and emails, send emails to customers in bulk or individually, assign statuses to customers, create new customers and place orders, filter through customers and manage groups.