If you’re a photographer and want to increase online exposure for your images, you’ll be happy to that WordPress makes it easy to display your portfolio. In addition to the dozens of customizable themes that you can choose from, there are several photography-oriented plugins available for WordPress sites. As part of your overall web design, using the right WordPress plugins for your site will make your photography stand out.

So if you’re a photographer, try these 12 WordPress plugins for your site:


For displaying your photos:

1. Soliloquy

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This is an SEO optimized plugin that allows you to create a responsive slider on your site. You can add as many images as you want to your slider, creating an engaging experience for your site’s visitors. If you want, you can create multiple sliders to feature different galleries on your site.


2. Shutter

Want to display your images in a lightbox format? Shutter’s small size, coupled with the fact that it doesn’t need to rely on external image libraries, makes it a straightforward choice for displaying your photographs.


3. Meta Slider

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This simple plugin allows you to create responsive slideshows on your site. If you want to ensure that your visitors see a wide variety of featured images without having to click through a gallery, Meta Slider is a great choice.


4. Envira Gallery

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Envira Gallery will help you display your images in a mobile-friendly format. The plugin is also SEO-friendly, and it features a fast load time.


5. NextGEN Gallery

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This is a great multi-purpose plugin. It allows you to design and edit photo galleries, edit your thumbnails, add watermarks to your images, and create photo albums. If you want a variety of functions in one plugin, you’ll appreciate NextGEN Gallery.



For editing your photos:

6. Regenerate Thumbnails

As the name implies, this plugin allows you to create new image thumbnails. The plugin is particularly useful if you’re resizing images, as it prevents clutter by deleting previous thumbnails.


7. Thumbnail Editor

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This handy plugin lets you customize how you want to edit your thumbnails. In particular, it allows you to crop your thumbnails however you want, instead of settling for WordPress’ standard center-crop.


8. Easy Watermark

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Are you wondering whether there’s a way to display your photographs without taking the risk that they’ll be shared across the internet without your permission? Easy Watermark allows you to digitally inscribe your logo, name, or other identifying information onto your images. Having a digital watermark discourages unauthorized sharing, and can also help you promote your logo.



For increasing traffic to your site:

9. W3 Total Cache

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Images can dramatically slow down your site’s load speed – which could potentially cause you to lose visitors. Fortunately, using W3 Total Cache resolves this issue, ultimately giving your site’s visitors a more positive experience.


10. SEO Friendly Images

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This is a useful plugin that simplifies the process of making your images SEO friendly. As you may already know, improving your site’s SEO is the best way to make sure that your visitors will be able to find you through search engine queries.



For selling your photos:

11. WP iSell Photo

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This plugin allows you to create a digital store using your photography galleries. This makes it easy for your customers to browse your images before purchasing. The plugin also conveniently allows you to accept PayPal payments.


12. WP-Invoice

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If you want a plugin that will help you consolidate your business transactions, WP-Invoice is a good choice. This plugin manages your invoices via WordPress, allowing you to deal with your transactions all in one place.


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