Polls are a highly useful feature for any website. In addition to engaging visitors by providing an outlet for sharing opinions, polls can be a valuable tool for giving site owners valuable insights about visitors’ thoughts and preferences.

There is a wide variety of poll plugins available for WordPress users. Finding the best poll plugin for your site will depend on a variety of factors, including how you want the poll’s layout to look, the type of questions you want to ask, how much you want to customize your poll, and whether your budget can cover a paid plugin.

In order to help you find the right polling system for your site, we’ve researched the top plugins and broken down each plugin’s unique features. Here are the top 6 WordPress poll plugins to help you find out more about what your visitors think:

TotalPoll WordPress Plugin


Cost: $18

Number of Sales: 1,931

Plugin Features: Although the TotalPoll WordPress Plugin comes with the highest price of the plugins we’ve listed here, it’s a top choice for sites that need a highly professional, customizable, and easy-to-use polling platform. Among the plugin’s top features are that it allows you to customize your polls to match your brand style, and that it offers several website integration options.


Responsive Poll


Cost: $14

Number of Sales: 842

Plugin Features: One of the main draws of Responsive Poll is that this plugin allows you to display your poll results in an easy-to-understand, visually appealing format. The plugin offers seven different chart styles including pie charts, bar charts, and line charts. Responsive Poll would be a great option if you want to engage your viewers by getting them interested in your poll’s results.




Cost: $14

Number of Sales: 913

Plugin Features: Dilemma is an attractive poll plugin that allows visitors to choose between two given options. (For example, visitors could answer “Yes” or “No” to a question.) With its large, customizable answer buttons, Dilemma is one of the most visually appealing poll plugins. Furthermore, the A vs. B response style makes Dilemma extremely easy for site visitors to use.

Social Polls by OpinionStage


Cost: Free

Number of Installations: 10,000+

Plugin Features: If you’re looking for a free poll plugin that’s versatile and easy to use, OpinionStage’s Poll & Quiz Tools plugin would probably be a good fit. The plugin makes it easy to customize your polls and to draw visitors to your site by sharing polls over social networks. Furthermore, this plugin will provide a variety of details about your poll’s participants, including demographics such as gender, location, and some social network details.


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Cost: Free

Number of Installations: 100,000+

Plugin Features: WP-Polls is one of the most widely installed poll plugins, and for good reason. WP-Polls is a straightforward, easy-to-use, customizable plugin that can give site owners important information about what site visitors are thinking. Furthermore, WP-Polls can be set to allow users to select more than one answer to a given question, allowing for more polling flexibility.


YOP Poll

banner-772x250 (1)

Cost: Free

Number of Installations: 20,000+

Plugin Features: YOP is another free, user-friendly poll plugin that can be easily added to WordPress blog posts. Like WP-Polls, YOP Poll offers a variety of customization options, including allowing participants to select multiple answers to questions, and pre-scheduling poll start and end dates. If you want a straightforward plugin that’s easy to use, YOP is an excellent option.

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