It might be really difficult for you to share your blog posts to some of the major social media pages or profiles. Social sharing of blog post is really important as it is now considered a social signal by major search engines like Google. But if you are publishing quite a few blog posts every day, it might turn out to be a hectic job. To get rid of this boring process, we have IFTTT as one of the best free web service to make our job easier. Let us explore more about this service in coming section.


What exactly is IFTTT?

IFTT is the sole free web-based service that allows users to create simple chains of unconditional statements, which are often termed as ‘recipes’. These conditional statements are triggered on the changes to other web services like Facebook, Gmail, Pinterest, and 338 more services like them. The product was launched in 2011 and has been doing well since then. Let us learn how IFTTT works.

How IFTTT Works to Allows us Auto-Posting the Blog Posts on Social Media Profiles or Pages?

The first step you need to follow is signup with IFTTT to utilize different services offered by this awesome tool. Once you have signed in, you are ready to auto post your blog posts on different social media pages and profile.

  • Sign in to your account and click on top right corner of the screen on your account name to reach ‘Create’ option.


  • Click on ‘Create’ option to go to next screen. Here you will have to enter different conditions.


  • The condition here means that if something will happen then the tool will perform the desired task (set by you). Click on ‘This’ option.


  • Now you have to choose the trigger channel. You can either search through the list and find desired application or can search by typing the name of app on search bar.


  • For auto posting your blog posts on social media pages/profiles, you need to select the ‘Feed’ application in ‘This’ statement.


  • After selecting ‘Feed’, you need to select ‘New Feed Item’ as this option is used to represent the addition of new post on your blog.


  • Now enter the feed URL of your blog.


  • Click on ‘Create Trigger’ option now and the feed URL will be saved.


  • You now need to click on ‘that’ option and choose the Action Channel. Here the Action Channel will the social media website to which you wish to auto post the posts of your blog.
  • Suppose, I need to auto post the blog posts of my blog to Facebook page then I must set the action channel as ‘Facebook Pages’.


  • After clicking on ‘Facebook Pages’, you will be asked to connect your Facebook page.


  • Click on ‘Connect’ and you will be asked to give IFTTT an access of your Facebook account temporarily so that it can connect your Facebook Page. You need to click on ‘Okay’ several times.


  • Link up the page you will like to use with IFTTT.
  • After linking the page, continue with other steps. You will be asked what IFTTT would do on the page you have added. Choose the option accordingly. I am choosing the option to share my blog posts automatically on Facebook page.


  • Now enter the details as mentioned in the new page and continue to next step.


  • Now, press ‘Create Recipe’ option. You are done. IFTTT will now share your blog post automatically whenever a new post is added to the feed.


  • Now suppose, if you wish to post your blog post on other social media pages/profiles, you need to choose the action channel similarly. Suppose, if you wish to auto post on Twitter, the action channel must be Twitter and same goes with other social media pages/profiles.

Pros of IFTTT Service

  • It is available free of cost.
  • There no extra loads on your servers
  • No need of any plugin to be installed or configured for using this service.
  • It saves a lot of time of the user as user needs not to repeat same action again and again in time intervals.
  • Over 338 web services are supported by IFTTT.
  • It has user friendly navigation.

Cons of IFTTT Service

  • It might be difficult for the user to understand the tool at first.
  • You need to be careful about the hashtag you use as anyone’s photo can trigger the recipe with your specified hashtag.

Final Words

IFTTT has eased out the process of social media automation. The best part about it is that IFTTT is a free service that is widely used by number of users worldwide. It provides you access to 338 web applications and you can manage different things using the triggers and recipes of IFTTT. If you haven’t given it a try yet, it’s the high time now.