How to Effectively Manage WordPress Post Revisions

What do you do on finding the removal of last passage was a mistake? Will you type it again? I hope you won’t if you are a WordPress blogger.

WordPress has integrated a useful feature called post revisions since version 2.6 and it allows you to browse through the autosaved versions of your posts so that accidental deletion won’t affect you badly.

Here, I will show how to manage post revisions on WordPress effectively.

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How to Install WordPress in a Local Machine?

We all know that WordPress is installed in a web host to make our websites live. But most of the time, the live websites are not suitable for plugins and themes testing because all the changes you make will reflect on your site as well.

The best solution to this problem is to test the plugins or themes on a locally installed WordPress site. So the question arises, how to install WordPress in a local machine?

Read on the post further to know how you can do it.

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Are You A Photographer? Try These 12 WordPress Plugins

If you’re a photographer and want to increase online exposure for your images, you’ll be happy to that WordPress makes it easy to display your portfolio. In addition to the dozens of customizable themes that you can choose from, there are several photography-oriented plugins available for WordPress sites. As part of your overall web design, using the right WordPress plugins for your site will make your photography stand out.

So if you’re a photographer, try these 12 WordPress plugins for your site:

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How to Translate WordPress Themes Quickly?

I know you are in love with WordPress, don’t you?

Have you ever thought of translating your site into your own language? I am not talking about the front-end translation, but the back-end translation of your admin area. It’s good to have the dashboard in your language, right?

So, in this article, I am going to show how you can translate your entire WordPress theme’s backend to any language you want.

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