Measuring the effectiveness of your website is important for any business that wants to improve their efforts over time. Often, the issues with our website can be easily overlooked without actually diving into the statistics and examining where issues are occurring. With WordPress being the largest content management platform and used by 25%+ of the total web, there have been numerous solutions developed for monitoring the users of your website and getting a better idea of how they are interacting with the interfaces that you provide them. Here are the 7 best WordPress analytics plugins for stat junkies who are interested in improving their website for their users and growing their monthly revenue.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most used analytics and website stats platform available today. It provides an in-depth look at what your users are doing on your website, and is completely free. Their awesome WordPress plugin makes it easy for your to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website, all with an easy code implementation. It allows you to perform A/B split tests, manage multiple websites under a single dashboard, and is very robust feature-wise.

Crazy Egg

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Crazy Egg is an excellent platform for learning more about how your visitors physically use your website. The platform uses a technology called “heat mapping,” which allows you to see where the users cursor is placed on your website throughout their time on your website. Additionally, Crazy Egg also provides a scroll map which lets your know how far your users are scrolling down your page. This is great for analyzing the effectiveness of the copy on your page and encouraging users to continue scrolling. Crazy Egg comes with a free 60 day trial but after that you must choose a monthly pricing plan to continue using the software.


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Mixpanel is an excellent user-level analytics and event tracking platform. The software isn’t just for websites, but is also commonly used with mobile apps. Mixpanel allows you to dig deeper down into your statistics and analyze how individual users are using your website, where they are going, and how you can make improvements to your website. It can help you to build user retention with push notifications and offers a simple interface for users of all skill levels.


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Piwik is a free, open-source platform that takes after Google Analytics. It is an excellent choice for those that want to be in charge of hosting their own analytics platform, or for those that are less than comfortable with Google having access to such in-depth stats about their business. Piwik is constantly updated by its own community and continues to offer excellent tracking for webmasters that want to know more about their community.

Clicky by Yoast

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Yoast is best-known for publishing the world’s most used SEO plugin for WordPress. Clicky is the Yoast-published solution for stats and analytics. The Clicky dashboard allows you to perform a wide range of advanced functions that include Twitter analytics, organizing your campaigns and tracking individual users that hit your website.


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For older users, you may remember Statcounter from the early days of the internet, when they were one of the most widely used analytics companies. Today, Statcounter publishes a solution that rivals Google Analytics, but aims to be more user-friendly and less complicated. Their excellent WordPress plugin gives you access to basic and addvanced statistics, as well as real-time stats.

If you would like to improve the performance of your website and have been looking for a high quality WordPress plugin, the aforementioned plugins are all excellent choices. The one that you choose will depend on the type of stats that you would like to collect, and many of these plugins work great alongside one another.