In Quema Labs we are looking for new talents, take a look at the positions available.

Support Ninja

We’re looking for a ninja that help us with support tickets. This would require daily answering of support questions from buyers on our support forums


  • Experienced in WordPress theme development, CSS, HTML, PHP, and jQuery
  • Excellent written English
  • Having good written communication skills and a passion for helping people

You can work from anywhere from Monday to Friday at your own hours.


We’re looking for a talented writer who is fluent in spoken and written English language. You must be able to create a new blog post per week, often on topics we send you related with WordPress. Not necessarily the technical side of WordPress but from the point of view of the user. We want to create great content to help users using WordPress.


  • Experience on similar tasks
  • Good knowledge of WordPress
  • Good at creating SEO-friendly content
  • Be able to do independent research on WordPress topics

You can work from anywhere in the world and at your own hours. Pretty sweet, right?

How to Apply?

We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at info [at] quemalabs.com and don’t forget to include your previous works, we want to see all your amazing creations.


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