Websites have so many options and utilities, which a learner cannot comprehend unless he or she has appropriate knowledge or information on SLL certificate and WordPress integration. However, lack of education usually ends up becoming big reasons for losing sales and other monetary gains.

To keep this simple for the beginners and newbies, we are going to provide you information about SSL certificate and WordPress.

1 What is an SSL certificate?

First things first, you need to understand what SSL is before you can begin to understand what an SSL certificate is. SSL stands for “secure sockets layer,” but that’s not what you need to know. Here’s the official definition from, if you’re curious:

SSL stands for “secure sockets layer,” which isn’t a certificate but a security layer that provides websites an entire layer of protection for them. The certificate is for the users to identify whether the website you are visiting protected by the “Secure Sockets Layer = SSL” or not.

Not many of the consumers and users do not know the importance of the SSL certificate, which is a potential threat for many almost every person who visits a non-certified website.

2 Why is SSL Protection Needed?

Last year alone, more than $4 Billion is the sum which hackers were able to pack into their account, and these stats recorded when the hackers were caught, which means there is no track record for the hackers who were never found and unknown to this day.

Do you know how the hackers know about sensitive information like your Credit card numbers, passwords, and more? We are sure that most of you have to pay your bills online, shop online, and book online, and this is wh8ere hackers usually get access to your data.

Secure Connection Sites like Amazon adds a protective layer of “SSL” which creates a secure connection between your PC and Amazon server. You can identify it by clicking on the “Secure connection.”

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Unsecure Connection –  There are several sites online, which is not protected by the SSL certificate, which is most common cause of online frauds. You are handing your details to the hacker yourself.

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Most of the online hackers usually target sites which not protected, and when you enter your information to submit, it first goes to the hacker’s server before reaching to the original host.

3 Solution

Never type any sensitive information on a site, which is not protected by the SSL, and SSL certificate is the proof that SSL is enabled.

4 Where To Buy SSL Certificates?

Several brands are offering SLL packages but remember, and some offers are too reasonable to be true. We have shortlisted few companies who are providing legit and safe SSL certificates at a reasonable cost.

  1. Godaddy: There is no doubt that they have worst Hosting services and Customer care in the industry, but they are reliable when it comes to providing SSL Certificates. They even offer packages along with the shared hosting or WordPress hosting package.
  2. Hostgator: I go for the Hostgator because they have a very active and well-educated employees, who will guide you through all difficulties. Even they provide special SSL certificate offers on special occasions.
  3. NameCheap: We have tried the NameCheap so far, but we have never heard a bad review about the service and the prices are low compared to the Godaddy and Hostgator.

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There are other companies, which may be popular but they are not cheap hosting companies, and they are reliable as well.

  1. Siteground: Extremely professional and responsive customer care and their packages are low compared to others. You should give it a try because they have one-time free “Migration” set-up, which can save you hundreds of dollars.
  2. Bluehost: Bluehost supports WordPress very well, if you plan to use SSL Certificate on your WordPress site, then Bluehost is ideal. Not to mention, they are the official hosting partner.
  3. DreamHost: If you are not satisfied with any hosting provide, then dreamhost is an good alternative for you all.

These are the traits of the SSL certificate, and you can purchase one for your WordPress site from above hosting providers.


If you are someone who isn’t good at the technical side, then avoid Godaddy because they have the worst customer care. Hostgator support system and reliability is ideal as well.